Life is a lot like a road trip: You’ve got the miles before you until they become the miles behind you.

I’ve done my fair share of road trips this year. Who knew that a pandemic would provide the right avenue and backdrop for such exploits, but this year I’ve taken two major road trips which have tallied over four thousand miles combined.

The most recent trip was to drive a 26 foot moving truck from Houston. Just to be clear, I wasn’t just driving a truck, it was loaded with furniture for our new pastor and his family.

As the day and miles passed beneath my wheels I had plenty of time to reflect and think. I was able to see how God has used the disasters I have inflicted on my life for good. It’s like watching video of a building implosion in reverse: rubble to completion. God just seems to love that effect the best.

I have pictures to remind me of the road trips. I know what those miles looked like. And they were fun, don’t get me wrong. But the future is where my eyes spend most of their time. The future is bright. God has wonderful plans for me. And if He’s willing to go to such great lengths for the likes of me, imagine what He will do for you, because out of all the people in the world (over 7 billion), YOU are His very favorite.

Go out and…

–Rise Up!!

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