Turn Around

Saturday was crazy. My soccer team won a HUGE match against a much better team which sent us to the FA Cup Final in a couple of weeks. I got a podcast recorded. Things were great, until they weren’t.

I decided to follow my successes with some work in the newly redecorated office. We had one piece of furniture left to put in. This should have been no real problem, and that should have told me everything.

The piece in question was a shelf. It was particularly awkward, and although not terribly heavy, it was a lot to hold overhead for a long stretch of time. The engineers at IKEA did me no favors with where they decided to put the wall mounting system. My screws did not meet up with the cleats I had put on the wall. Simply put, lunging this behemoth was now going to be a more arduous task.

My darling wife joined in to help and things seemed ok enough, again, until they weren’t! I was having a difficult time keeping the unit steady and she was having trouble finding the pilot holes for the screws. After more than an hour of struggling combined with my attitude getting increasingly worse, we decided to put it all down for the night.

Then Sunday …

Yes, like Jesus from the grave, Sunday brought a new day to our lives. We got some help from a friend who cut some shims, then another friend who helped steady everything, and what do you know? It went up in about 5 minutes!

Recovery can be the same way, people. Ups and downs galore. Triumph and tragedy like an endless buffet. Keep your head down and…

—Rise Up!!

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