7:00 am

I got up before the rooster this morning. My mom’s car had a safety recall so I drove her to the nearest dealer to have them take a look. The nearest dealer is about 90 miles from us so the 7 am appointment meant an early departure from Ridgecrest, and also from my slumber.

As a general rule, I don’t like mornings. And several hours with a pessimist is also not my favorite thing to do. Last night, my prayers included petitions for patience and peace.

It didn’t take very long for the diatribe of negativity to begin. Not even a mile from her house she began to check off all of the bad things that happened just this morning. It was only 5:30!

Within the first hour she turned her attention to things that could have gone wrong. She never really pointed out that they didn’t go wrong, just that they could have. Things like “If I hadn’t caught that error in Dad’s retirement (15 years ago) I would have lost thousands of dollars.” There was also a warning that the Base Retirement Office was closed. Having never been an employee on base, I wasn’t sure how this pertained to me, but I dryly thanked her for the information.

Now we are sitting at the car dealer and the sign reads “Service Hours: 8 – 5”. Wahoo, at least we made it for her 7am appointment.

What’s the point? Life happens, and it doesn’t always go the way that I want it too. So here I sit, tapping away on my iPad screen to give you this little nugget. Sometimes we need to sit patiently and wait in order to…

Oh look, the garage door just opened! I guess it’s my turn to…

—Rise Up!!

Time to roll!

2 thoughts on “7:00 am

  1. And then there’s me with my mom in heaven and unable to hear her precious voice, whatever she had to say… Hug your mom for me the next time you are blessed to spend time with her.


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