My grandson recently discovered Snap Chat. He’s 5. They have crazy effects. That should tell you most of what you need to know!

He loves to make funny faces and send them to Papa, because “Papa is funny”. It’s good to have a “thing” and with Luc, my “thing” is being funny. Now he wants to be”funny like Papa”.

We are all emulating something or someone at a certain point. We try to follow in someone’s footsteps. For Luc, he’s trying to follow in mine. What he doesn’t realize is that I am trying to follow someone else, which means that there are far more feet than just mine and his in those footprints.

My question is who’s feet are you following and who is following yours? These are important questions as we make our way through life. We need to be sure that their feet and our feet are worthy.

It’s like having and being a sponsor in recovery. Before someone chooses a sponsor they should watch and observe to be certain that the walk matches the talk. We also need to see if those footprints will lead us too close to the cliffs in life. The difference from an amazing view and a horrible accident are often just a few steps.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your walk, and…

–Rise Up!!

One thought on “Snap

  1. Tonight he used the “cockroach” filter. He was making the bug dance and the antennae were swaying back and forth. He said “look at my head strings, I don’t know what they’re called but look at them go.”

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