I did something new yesterday: I made some barbecue sauce for the first time. My friend Dan makes his own sauce and on our last night at his house he wanted to have me make some of my own. It sounded like fun, so I was all in.

Dan had me start with his base recipe and then I started the “creative process”. I knew that I wanted something with a bit more of a kick so I began to add different peppers and such. Even though Pastor Dan has traveled this road many times before, I decided to go with my own ideas. As a sponsor, I have seen this same process work itself out. We have a proven path, yet people want to shape it to their own “needs”.

As I began to add things, the chemistry of the sauce changed. As that happened the flavor profile started to go all over the place. It didn’t take long for me to get lost.

Thankfully my “sponsor” was able to see where I had gone astray and was able to help me get my sauce back on track. In everything, it’s a great idea to have someone to show you the way. And not just the way, but also the way back. I’ll always have opportunities to fall down, but my friends and Forever Family will help me to…

–Rise Up!!

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