Well Dang!

You can file this under best laid plans of mice and men…

On our trip across this beautiful land yesterday we encountered some snags. Go figure! We had taken a side trip to visit “Carhenge” (read more about it here) which was awesome. We then proceeded to drive through the Nebraska and Wyoming night toward our final destination of Casper, Wyoming. Everything seemed copacetic until we got about 8 miles outside of the hamlet of Lusk, then it all went off the rails.

I supposed of the pavement is more precise. There was road construction and it began, as it usually does, with a sign announcing said construction. No problem, we’ve been seeing this a b unch on our trip. It’s actually a great idea to fix the roads while the traffic is so light. Bravo, Departments of Transportation! However, even though the “Road Work Ahead” was accurate, the “Grooves in Pavement” sign was a straight up lie! The pavement was gone. We drive over 5 miles on a dirt bed that came factory equipped with huge holes, nasty ruts, and occasionally a massive ridge in the center of the lane. I winced as I heard the bottom of the car scrape that ridge several times. It was all unavoidable.

So is life. And recovery. Sometimes you are cruising along wonderfully and then life throws you a curve. Life tends to not stick to the script. It likes to ad lib. Life thinks it’s a comedian, but often times, I don’t get the joke.

That’s ok. Actually, that’s life! I try to enjoy those quirks and foibles and find some benefit or lesson from it all. Yeah, it’s bumpy at times, but it’s also beautiful.

Keep your wheels on the road and continue to…

–Rise Up!!

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