Family Photos

We just celebrated another Mother’s Day yesterday. Our family gathered together for brunch to celebrate the moms. It was a fun time and we had a pretty good sized group. Of course there was plenty of food. My Favorite Niece Named Beverly hosted at her house, and being a master planner, she made sure that we would not go hungry. From biscuits and gravy to her famous breakfast pizza, anyone who left the table hungry had only themselves to blame. It was kind of like Thanksgiving in May!

After we finished our meal we sat and chatted. Small pockets of conversations could be found across the room and throughout the house. The kids broke away from the adults and we monitored them through the sound of laughter coming through the windows. It was beautiful.

And then the time came for the first family group to need to leave so they could go to celebrate another Mom. That meant we needed to capture a group photo. Everyone tried to squeeze together as I tried to finagle a way to get the iPhone to mount on a piece of wall art. Furniture was moved as was wall art! Eventually we got everyone to fit. We even got those camera averse folks to pose in frame. Smiles were put on and the timer was set from my wife’s watch. 3, 2, 1…..done.

We were pleased that the shot came off well. Remarkably, everyone was smiling and everyone was in it…well, not everyone. A couple of Moms were not there. Their presence was sorely missed. Gone was Marks Mom who passed in March. Also missing was Betty, who normally sat a Wayne’s side. She too has recently passed away. But even though we missed them being there, we still found the strength to laugh with and love one another. That’s what family does. Even in hard times there is joy. If you’re missing your Mom now, or perhaps another family member that you’ve lost, think about the good times shared. Think about the hugs and the laughter. Allow yourself to feel the pain and the joy. And as you do…

–Rise Up!!

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