Islands in the Stream

Back in the 80’s there was a schmaltzy love song called Islands in the Stream. It was a duet by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. At the time of it’s release I was an avowed Ozzy Osbourne fan, so these two country icons were not going to be in my playlist. Today I am more tolerant of different genres and even enjoy both of the aforementioned artists, but I really couldn’t tell you about the lyrics to the song. I know this though, the title comes into my thoughts after the day I had yesterday.

At long last we had a Celebration of Life service for my Mother in Law. She passed at the end of March and we had been hoping to do something in the church once things began to ease up with the pandemic. That still hasn’t happened and Grandpa just wanted to get some much needed closure. One morning last week he woke up to tell us that God had given him the revelation that he just needed to do a Facebook service.

We strung together lots of different video segments and streamed them to a family account for the whole world to see. At first, there were issues with people trying to find the correct account. We tried to figure out the whole “Watch Party” thing and had to call in my daughter Kristen to explain things to the old folks. As I managed the broadcast software that was doing the actual stitching and streaming I was fielding texts from various folks asking for help. My wife came over to tell me that they weren’t having success streaming next door at my sister in law’s house. Things were a bit frantic more a while.

Then we all became islands in the stream. People from all over the country began checking in and offering kind prayers and thoughts. People from Hawaii to Florida, up into Indiana and over to Oregon greeted us. As we continued our little stream, more and more islands popped up watching. The view count is now up to several hundred and climbing.

We weren’t sure how this whole thing would work out and we weren’t thrilled at the fact that we wouldn’t have the church service we had all expected, but these are strange times. All in all, it was a huge and wonderful blessing. Many people who would not have been able to attend even if the church was open got to watch. Most importantly, Grandpa gets to see how many lives are still being touched through his sweet Betty. Those islands in the stream really helped us all to…

–Rise Up!!

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