No, I’m not going to go political here, it’s something different than that. I’m about to get to work on a project for my father in law. He has a log home in the country outside of Nashville. After they build a log home, you need to wash, then bleach the logs (and the boards on the porch and railings) before you can stain then seal them. A few years back, when the home was finished, things piled up and they never got around to completing the job. Now there is a stretch of about 10 or so feet at the very end of everything that is a different color.

Sometimes I get busy in life and I forget to complete the jobs I set out on. I feel good about where I’ve come and I declare it to be “good enough”. There are areas that still need bleach (not my veins!) God’s always got bleach, even when WalMart runs low!

If you need to finish something in your recovery, perhaps an amend or just getting that inventory done, get some bleach and start working. It’s never too late to…

–Rise Up!!

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