Chirp Chirp, Tweet Tweet

Sometimes it’s nice to lay in bed while I let the night wash away from my memory and let the morning soak in. I stretch. I roll over several times. I yawn. I blink. I’m guessing you’ve been there too. The stay at home orders that we are under have made this one of my favorite parts of the day. Yesterday was no different…well, I suppose it was a bit different. You see, there was a flock of…. (I never saw them, so they might have been eagles or pterodactyls for all I know). I guess it was probably some crows or turkey vultures. Whatever they were or weren’t, one thing for sure: they were loud! I was so annoyed at their audacity to wake me from my Sunday morning slumber. I looked out of the windows in three directions from the bedroom, but saw nothing.

I really wanted to be mad at them. I was hoping that one of the rednecks in the area would take their shotgun and “rectify” the problem. But I realize that they were just doing what they do. Birds make song in the morning. That was a good reminder that even though I am quarantined here in Tennessee, I still have a lot to sing about. Not everything has been changed, just my 21st century notions of how the day, how my day should go. With that little attitude adjustment, I was able to roll over one last time and…

–Rise Up!!

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