He is Risen

Far be it from your MoM to pass up a branding opportunity like Easter. I mean, come on, I end each week with “Rise Up” and yesterday was the day that we celebrate the fact the Jesus did just that. So how do we keep that in mind with the way that the virus has reorganized our calendars? Yesterday I watched church online. I couldn’t help but notice how few (compared to previous years) people were “in” church yesterday. I must admit that I too was guilty of sitting in my pajamas and watching the service on line. In years past I would have made sure to have on some sort of natty outfit, with a pastel tie and shoes that had been recently shined. Yesterday it was sweatpants and a thermal shirt with a ball cap over my uncombed hair. Decidedly “ratty”, not “natty”! Outside the rain and wind were driving against the house all day. We did an egg hunt for the kids in the basement rather than in the yard. The pond in front of the house rapidly grew to become more of a lake as all of the neighboring streams rushed over their banks. Tornado warnings played in my thoughts and mind through the night as I tried to sleep through the massive storm that confronted the South East. Many people did not have it as “easy” as I did. Further south, several lost their lives as some 39 tornadoes brought terror. Yet today, as always, we are faced with the same challenge: do we stay hunkered down, or do we…

–Rise Up!!

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