Let Me

With so many people sheltering in place right now it can be difficult to maintain normal routines. At this point we have more kids being home schooled than at any time in our history. Deliveries happen at a tremendous rate. It turns out that when an entire nation presses “Pause” it has a major impact on our lives. In such situations it can be very easy for “Me” to creep in; and Me often travels with it’s close friend “I”.

Selfishness abounds as we realize that times have changed. For the person in recovery that can have some disastrous effects. Me and I are the engines that tend to drive our addictions. “Get me that” and “I want” seem to be a the center of my downfalls.

However, I’ve been thrilled to see Me running around with a new partner – “Let”. Over and over I see and hear about stories of “Let me…”. It might be someone at home that decides to bless you with a favor. It might be a friend or family member that brings a meal or supplies to and older person. It might be going over and mowing the neighbor’s lawn. It might be the doctor or nurse who goes back in to work to help the people who are ailing from this virus. There are so many different ways that we can use “Let Me” to bless those around us. Look around and see how you can harness the power of love through the act of “Let Me”. We are all in this thing together (with safe distancing). Let’s all do our parts. When I help someone else it will Let Me…

-Rise Up!!

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