Well, it’s no secret by now that we are all facing something that none of us have ever faced. As a fan of zombie movies and shows there’s always that part of the back story where I ask “Why didn’t the people recognized this sooner?” Now I have my answer! (Note, I do not believe that this is the zombie apocalypse!)

So what do we do with all of our time now that most of us are shut indoors at home? Being in recovery without access to our hookup might be a good thing. However, what about those who struggle with issues that are easier to find? What about food addiction? What about worry? We can never be completely safe on this side of heaven.

I think it’s a good idea to use our technology to benefit us. In my family we are having a virtual golf tournament. Family from Tennessee to Hawaii is playing in round robin style tournament to find the family champ. It’s great fun and we are finding out a lot about some of our people and their competitive nature! (I’m looking at you Uncle Westie!)

[If you want to play golf with your Mom get the Golf Blitz game and join my team “Gunner Kings”]

It is certainly a scary time for some, but we need to remember to trust in Jesus. We can be cautious about this virus. That is not the same as a lack of trust. Make the best use of the time we have together. Enjoy each other. Trust in Jesus. And…

–Rise Up (but not like zombies!)

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