49, 50, 3, 6, and 5

There are always a lot of numbers floating around in life. At their base, they are simply numbers, but we like to assign important through random metrics to things. Today four number on my radar are 49, 50, 3, and 5. Allow me to elaborate…

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday in America. Millions of people participated in the group experience of gluttony and cheering for or against teams that we really don’t care about. The 49ers lost to the Chiefs. That loss ended a 50 year championship drought for Kansas City. There’s two of our numbers off the top! More importantly to me though, that meant that San Fransisco was not able to match the number of Super Bowl wins for my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. That gives us our 6. 3 days from now my wife comes home from a n extended visit with her family. I am thrilled about that as well. But I think for today my biggest number is 5. This is the 5th anniversary of you MoM Blog! Yes, it seems hard to imagine, but I’ve been doing this for 5 years. Thanks for taking this journey with me. Please take a minute of so and look back at the old posts. If something stands out to you, please send me a note and let me know! I’ll see you in the next 5 years! Until then, as always…

–Rise Up!!

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