Sometimes we need to shed some tears. I’m the kind of guy that cries at almost anything. Take me to a movie, and there’s a good chance I’ll get choked up. My kids make fun of me because the movie Miracle made me cry. In case you don’t know, it’s a movie about hockey. So I cry at a lot of things.

Yesterday I was reading a testimony from one of the guys in my #PrisonFellowshipAcademy class. I had heard it. I had read it to myself several times. I even dictated it to my wife as she typed it up for me. I knew the story. Then when I got up in front of the congregation to share it on Prison Fellowship Sunday I was overcome with emotion and had to pause to collect myself.

A lot of people laugh when I cry. I think tears are a good thing though. It shows our humanity. Last Thursday I had a deep conversation with another one of my students. This man has tattoos all over his body, including his neck and face. One person in the prison actually told him that only animals have face tattoos. Prison is decidedly not a place where people encourage tears. So here’s this hardened criminal; this “animal”; this career thug, and he has tears in his eyes and on his face as he explains to me that my class is the only place where he gets fellowship with other Christians. Yes, tears are good.

Have a powerful week, shed a tear, and don’t forget to…

–Rise Up!!

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