Wow, I’ve been a bit lazy of late. Sometimes I get in to a rut and just start moving through life on auto-pilot. That kind of thing happens all the time, and it happened to your MoM. As I put my head down to power through the holiday season I just got caught up in everything else and neglected the blog. It’s not a fair statement to say that I forgot, because I did remember it, just not when it mattered on a Monday morning!

That can also happen in recovery. Life moves in and the things that are important begin to blur together.We stop going to meetings. We stop meeting with our sponsors and accountability partners. We stop actively working our steps. Life happens. Then the next thing we know we are on a path toward relapse.

Honestly, it gets tedious working through the same 25 CR lessons each year. I’ve been at this recovery thing since January of 2003, I understand! But I know that the main reason that I am where I am in life now is because of Jesus Christ and my recovery lifestyle. I don’t complain about having to eat every single day, so I need to be more appreciative of the sustenance I get from my #ForeverFamily and #CelebrateRecovery. Whatever we forget, let’s try to remember to…

–Rise Up!!

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