The team that I follow in English soccer has been having a bad year. Things have been slowly deteriorating for months and it finally reached the point where the owners decided that it was time to sack the head coach. A new coach was appointed and fans throughout the world celebrated a new beginning. The new guy didn’t have much time because this all happened on Thursday and the team played on Sunday.

It wasn’t exactly the Hollywood ending we were hoping for. The team trotted out onto the pitch and played to a 2-2 draw. More of the same.

Wait a minute…this is supposed to be a blog of hope on a Monday morning. What gives? Just like in sport, we can make changes in our lives with the expectation of great results. Our hope doesn’t lie in yesterday, but in tomorrow. I am sure that my beloved #Gunners will spend time training and learning how to follow a new set of instructions. I am sure that it will take a bit of time. But I know that  tomorrow holds better things for us. In the weeks to come we will..

–Rise Up!!

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