Last week one of my favorite people was taken to the hospital. My mother in law was experiencing trouble breathing. At 92, this was a big concern. We made a decision that it would be good for my wife to go home to help out. That means that I will be spending Thanksgiving without my wife this year. It can be easy to look at it from a negative point of view and say I will be apart from my family, but the truth is, I will be surrounded by family.

In my prison class we recently debated what the rules are for someone to be considered “family”. There were many ideas ranging from DNA to love. I argued that my wife is my family, yet there is no shared DNA. I argued that my biological brother is my family, yet there is no real love. For me, family is an attitude. I have so many people that I consider to be family because of a shared love for one another. This Thanksgiving I will see dozens of people who are in my Forever Family. Love and fellowship will be shared. I am continually blessed because they all encourage me to…

–Rise Up!!

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