A Penny

Yesterday I went on an out of town date day with my wife. We started with #CRInside at the prison, then went to see #MikeBirbiglia at a theater in LA, then had dairy free ice cream and gluten/soy/dairy free pastries on Larchmont Street, then finished it off with a nice dinner out (using gift certificates, thank you very much!) It was a beautiful day, but I’m choosing to focus on at event that happened right after we finished eating dinner. As I said, this day was already fantastic and required no embellishment, but as Bev walked across the room to go to the restroom she bent over and held up a prize that she found.

A lot of folks might expect that it was a bill of some sort. Perhaps a fiver or maybe even a twenty. Her level of joy could have been reached with something small like a one dollar bill or perhaps a quarter. But I knew better. I know my wife and she knows me. She had found a penny on the ground and it was now ours!

No matter what is happening around you. No matter how massive, trivial, or even paltry, find reasons to…

–Rise Up!!


One thought on “A Penny

  1. In God we trust!! The Lord blessed me with two dimes found by family members while we were all together in Kernville for an early bday celebration yesterday. Today I pulled into my usual parking spot at work and found a quarter the minute I stepped out of my car. In God we trust times 45!! He is such a Good Father.


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