We hosted another #HopeEvent for #PrisonFellowship this weekend, and again, it was a huge success.We had a great speaker lined up for the event, but he was unable to come due to a funeral, so we a had a late replacement speaker. It can be a bit unnerving when things don’t go as planned, especially when the main speaker for a big event has to cancel at the last minute. It was like we were in the bottom of the ninth, one run down and our star player just got injured. You run through the list of possibilities, and the only likely result is a loss. Then Kirk Gibson comes out of the dugout, limping and in pain. The next thing you know he jerks one into the seats and we go on to win not only the game, but eventually the World Series. That was what happened Saturday. When Danny couldn’t be there Debbie stepped in absolutely crushed it! Even though I write it every week, your MoM sometimes begins to look down when the obvious choice is to…

–Rise Up!!Hope 10.19.JPG

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