It was a big week for your MoM last week. I had a new volunteer join me in ministry with #PrisonFellowship. It was a long process that finds many potential volunteers dropping out. There are lots of hours of online training to go through, then a fingerprinting and interview at the institution. Often times people just lose steam in the middle of it all and give up. This time, however, my volunteer made it all the way through and is now a full fledged PF volunteer. Last Thursday I was able to bring them in for their first two classes with the men.

Some volunteers are good and others leave you wanting for a bit more. This one was outstanding. They even rode with me to the facility and back. You see, the volunteer was my wife. After watching me serve and seeing the reward that it provided in my life she decided to start helping out one day a week.

Ministry with a loved one is amazing. It allows my wife and I to experience the blessings of God together. It allows us to see each other brighten the lives of others. For years we have served side by side in #CelebrateRecovery, and now we get to go into the prison together as well. I say all this to remind you that even when you are reaching your highest, others can come beside you and increase your reach. It’s never a bad thing to have someone help you to…

–Rise Up!!

Paul and Bev

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