As I drove to the prison for #CRInside yesterday I noticed the glowing light on the dash cluster. “Check Engine”. Uggghhh, I hate that light. Ironically, I was on my way to teach my 12 step program and I was exercising full #denial! I decided to check things out when I got to the prison and kept driving. In the prison lot I gave a quick examination of the engine compartment and found nothing that looked or smelled out of the ordinary. I also did a quick remove and reinstall of the gas cap then headed inside.

When I was done inside I drove to a local AutoZone and used their code reader to diagnose the issue. Sure enough, the indication was a faulty gas cap. When I took it off to inspect it more closely I noticed a series of small cracks in the rubber gasket under the lip of the cap. While small, those cracks were enough to break the pressure and send an error alert. $11.47 and one new gas cap ;later, I was on my way with a clean instrument panel.

It is easy to identify the massive failures that can bring our lives to a screeching halt. Often times though, it’s those seemingly insignificant cracks that do the real damage. It can be easy to get lulled into apathy and not pay attention to the little things. I check the gas and oil, but I rarely inspect the cap. It just shows how a little preventative maintenance can help us to…

–Rise Up!!

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