Here Comes the Boom!

I am 51 years old. Let’s be honest here, I’m just a few days past the half way point, so I’m closer to 52. Last night, I had one of those now rare “first time ever” events: I went to a demolition derby at the local fair #AVFair. As I watched in amazed amusement I couldn’t help but think about recovery.

You had men and women driving their vehicles into one another, repeatedly, solely for the purpose of destruction. It was like watching people dive head first into their addictions. They knew that they were on a collision course with ruin, yet they still continued doing the same thing, chasing the promise of a reward. All the while, people stood to the side and cheered them on. Does that sound remotely familiar to anyone out there? If it does, you’re probably in the recovery grandstands now, watching the mayhem. If it doesn’t, you might still be on the course, risking life and limb for the chance of momentary glory. Reach up right now and see if you’re wearing a helmet. If you are, you might need to get into recovery. If you are already in recovery, keep on walking out those steps. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are, keep on keeping on and…

–Rise Up!!

demo derby
Yes, that’s fire coming from his exhaust!

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