Down to Earth

People talk about other folks who are “down to earth”. I suppose it’s a good thing. It indicates humility and a relatability that is often desirable. This week, as I am sure you know by now, stuff in my home town had some serious #earthquake activity. #Ridgecrest was doing its thing this week and then some! Now, as we go through our houses to see what else is “down to earth”, I see how life in recovery is very similar. My daughter’s house is strewn with stuff. My mom’s is not. Mine is somewhere in between. Perhaps life is like the Goldilocks and the Three Bears?!? Anyhow, these results are predictable. My daughter has a lot of “stuff” in her house and that stuff needs to go somewhere when the earth starts shaking.

As we do our 4th step and begin to clear out the “stuff” in our lives we have less clutter and junk to fall on the floor when our lives get shaken. As we continue to clear things out, while at the same time not replacing them with new clutter, life becomes more manageable. There are less objects to trip us up. The earthquakes are less scary because the danger has been removed. Take some time to clear out your past and let yourself…

–Rise Up!!

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