Happy Accidents

I got together with my podcasting co-host yesterday. As is our routine, we did not come into the show with anything other than the most basic outline for the show. By that I mean we had a Word of the Week and a Song of the week ready. We also thought about one or two topics that we could discuss, but nothing specific and certainly nothing more than just than.

As we talked God took over. Somehow, and neither of us could remember how it happened, we began talking about a painful issue in both of our former lives. The conversation became deep and rich. Here’s my brief point. It’s not a bad idea to plan things out (I love order), but don’t forget to leave room for God in those plans. He always shows up, and He always has something wonderful for us. Next time you wonder “Is it odd, or is it God?” go with the second option. He’s helping you to…

–Rise Up!!

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