This weekend I took a little extra time and put I. The effort to clean the windshield of my car. With all the driving that I do, it was time…bugs had used my car for their final moments of life and the residue was becoming difficult to see thru.

When I clean the windshield I usually apply a coat of Rain-X to help me see when it rains. Of course, this is the desert and the rain has all gone into hibernation for the rest of the year. If I put Rain-X on now, I’ll just wind up cleaning it off as I remove the bugs over the next few weeks. It would be a waste of time and money, so I decided to forego that step. That was Saturday…now it’s Monday morning….and it’s raining!

My point is that we need to always be prepared. In recovery we sometimes say that expectations are preconceived resentments. We don’t need to expect things, especially from other people, but we need to be prepared for any number of eventualities. Nothing is promised; not tomorrow, not today, not even sunny skies!

So it’s raining, and I don’t even have an umbrella, but still I will choose to…

–Rise Up!!

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