Part of Something

This weekend I took my mom to see her first box lacrosse game. Box lacrosse is like regular lacrosse, just played inside on what is ostensibly a hockey rink with artificial turf covering the ice. Think “football-hockey” and you’ll get a pretty good idea. I am a big fan, but she knows virtually nothing about the game nor the teams that are in the league. The thing that caught her interest was that my team (#SanDiegoSeals) was playing a team from Saskatchewan. Mom grew up on the prairie of Saskatchewan and even though her village is several hours away from Saskatoon, it felt like the home team for her. She stood up and hollered when they scored, she groaned when they missed opportunities, and she gloated when they beat my team.

You see, even though she didn’t know anything about what was going on, she felt like she was part of something because they came from her home stomping grounds. When we build community, we feel like we are a part of something. It gives us a sense of connection and joy. That’s why I love my #ForeverFamily at #CelebrateRecovery; it makes me a part of something bigger than just me. When I am sad, they bring me joy; when I am happy, the celebrate with me; and when I stumble, they help me to…

–Rise Up!!

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