I am a bit late getting the blog published today for a number of reasons, the first of which is paint.

I got a call from a friend on Friday. They wanted to know if I could help out with some painting for a house they were renovating. I accepted his invitation to help. It turns out that I also know the home owner, so today I got to go and splash a little color on the walls of their new house.

Some folks like to paint, while others don’t. I love it and here’s the main reason: instant gratification. I started the day with drab, unpainted walls. They were the non-descript white of new drywall. The only variance was the spatters of texture and drywall mud. As I rolled my paint on the walls they became transformed and looked instantly better.

God does this in our lives. He takes the stains and spackle and covers them with His Grace. We become instantly transformed. But just like those walls with new paint, we need to be careful how we behave. It does no good to paint the walls, then take a magic marker to them, right? Just because God gave me fresh paint does not mean that I can now sin without worry.

My friend has clean walls now. The only things that can be seen on them are the occasional brush stroke from the painter (and perhaps a phantom “Go Kings Go” if you know where to look!) I, too, have the brushstrokes of the Master. And they help me to…

–Rise Up!!

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