Take the Time

This past weekend I took my grandsons to see a box lacrosse game. (If you aren’t familiar with this sport, I give you permission to stop reading this blog for a moment so that you can research it. It is a hoot!) anyhow, the boys know that Papa is into all kinds of sports so they are used to going to events with me. We just got a new team “near” us (it’s a 4 hour drive each way) so we are now fans of the San Diego #SealsLax team. Sporting events are always fun, but there is always a bit of separation between the game and the fans. Saturday was different. After the game, we all got to go down to the field and meet the players. Now these mythical warriors transformed into actual people for the boys. They were able to talk to them just like anyone else. They both comments afterwards how friendly they all were, even the stars. Now that they have met them, they are even bigger fans.

That’s the way God is too. Sure, he is a great and powerful being, but we can go on the field and talk to him. And when we do, we find out that he is a bigger fan of us than we are of him. Never be afraid to meet your heroes. And never be afraid to…

–Rise Up!!

On the field
Austin Staats and your MoM!

One thought on “Take the Time

  1. Thank you 😊 these words are true! I felt inferior for so many years making poor choices and degrading myself to the pits of life. When my eyes opened to how Jesus loves me even knowing the person I was. WOW!! People like this MoM guy supported me and helped me on the journey to sacred life. Blessings my friend. I find Jesus wants me just as much as I need him. And he wants each of us the same ❤️❤️


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