And The Winner Is…

Last night was a big night for cinema fans around the country, and even worldwide. The annual #AcademyAwards took place last night, with all of the requisite pomp and circumstance. Ladies wearing impossibly uncomfortable and impractical gowns smiling on a red carpet were only a part of the evening. Often, the winners follow the suspected script, but even once in a while an award is given to a person who obviously had no idea they would win. Those moments are my favorites. The thing about winning an #Oscar is that it will change how people see you forever. Before the win, you were you; after the win, the phrase “Oscar Winner” will become your new first name. It become something important that people will know you for and as.

I have done a lot of things, both noble and ignoble, that people try to use as a tag for me as well. My Oscar movement happened not when I accepted an award, but when I accepted Christ. He forever changed me and beyond all of my other history, that is what you need to know about me. I am a grateful Christian believer who struggles with co-dependency and my name is Paul. Did you catch it? I am not defined by my struggle, I’m defined by my faith in Jesus! The same holds true for you!

Now go and…

–Rise Up!!

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