I spend a fair amount of time considering where power comes from in life. I know that I can trust God to give me the strength I need to make it through each day. I know that I can plug a cord into a wall socket and the electricity will flow.

Most of the time…

For a few months I’ve been dealing with extension cords running across my kitchen because of a mysterious lack of power. We’ve had an electrician out twice and the problem keeps coming back. This morning I am waiting for a third visit. That’s where my two power sources converge.

When I originally scheduled the electrician to come back I was thinking “Third time’s the charm!” Then life happened and between scheduling the visit and today we had some unforeseen budget issues. I had to call the electrician back and cancel the work. I was completely surprised and blessed when his office called me back just minutes after I had cancelled. He is going to come out and do the work for free because he doesn’t want us to have to continue to deal with it. What a huge blessing. Even when I can’t plug in, God still gives me the power to…

–Rise Up!!

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