Glad I Missed You…

Each Saturday I follow a predictable pattern; I wake up and watch some soccer, I have some breakfast with my wife, then I leave to go to the prison for my CR Inside Group. I’m always really blessed to be there and it is always a pleasure to see the men who attend. This week there was a noticeable absence though, and I couldn’t have been happier to not see one particular inmate.

I know that sounds odd, but it’s true. Most people think that because I do ministry with recovery and with prison inmates that I love to be with just about anyone, so how is it that I was glad to have a man missing this Saturday? Easy, my friend “DC” went home!

That’s the whole reason we do ministry: to help people get “better”. I’m not talking about being “fixed”, instead, I mean that they are improved from where they were previously. “DC” had been in low places. When I met him he was already on his way up. Now, he is continuing that upward climb on the outside. I guess you could call him an “outmate” now! He’s showing us all what it truly means to…

–Rise Up!!

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