I’ve spent the last week traveling about in the great north west corner of our nation. My daughter recently accepted a job in Utah and needed to retrieve her things from storage in Portland. Daddy to the rescue! I hopped on a plane last Tuesday and headed up to get said belongings and truck.

One of the results of the current government shutdown is that there have been long delays at airport security check points. I allowed plenty of time. With the added factor of stormy weather across the country my flight was delayed. It only took 15.5 hours to get from my house to Portland!😳 To top it all off, I had a head cold.

So that’s one side of the story. Now let’s find the nuggets!

I got to spend a few days with my dear friends Dan and Faith. I got to speak at a CR and share my testimony. I got to drive through beautiful country. I met lots of new faces. I was able to connect with a friend in Boise that I hadn’t seen for over ten years. I got to spend a few days with my pregnant daughter and son-in-law. This morning, it’s snowing!

I had to tell the details on the negative parts of the trip in order to make it take up,as much space as when I just listed the fun things, and I didn’t even get to all of the good stuff. Look at all the smiling faces in these pics, and keep in mind that I have a raging sinus head ache in every one of them. You don’t need a change in elevation in order to…

–Rise Up!!

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