There Be Blessings…

Recently I have been trying to collect funds to purchase a car for my prison ministry. The car I have is great, but it gets relatively bad gas mileage and with all of the volunteer driving I do for the prisons, I wanted to find something more economical. I did the whole campaign and it was going well and then…God.

Three days before I wrote this I received a text from a friend that simply said, “We are buying a new car and we want to gift our old use to your ministry.” I was amazed. I was humble. I was honored. I was speechless…me!

Here’s a little #SpoilerAlert for you: our God is an awesome God! He does wonderful and astounding things on our behalf. The blessings of God are an everlasting, never stopping rush of goodness in my life. Sometimes I get so flummoxed by the world that I forget to stop and just take it all in. He makes it so easy to just…

–Rise Up!!

^^^^^ My new CR Inside Ride ^^^^^^

vvvvv The Connor family, who provided for me vvvvv

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