The “holidays” have come and gone. My week between Christmas and New Year was predictably busy and culminated with a fantastically awesome New Year’s Eve Bash at CR. It was all very tremendous. And then I got sick.

It may have been a let down after all of the commotion, or perhaps someone at the Bash brought a bug to share instead cookies, the bottom line is that I was in bed for a few days.

Recovery is similar to an illness. For a long stretch I might be cruising along, doing just great, and then out of the blue something smacks me in the face and I am dead in the water. The same healing occurs though. When I get weak in life I crawl into bed and let me body heal. When it happens in my recovery I do something similar. Rest is important. Allowing God to heal my mind is just as important as it is for me to let Him heal my body. We may be sick for a time, but He will help us to…

–Rise Up!!

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