101 & Vermont

This past week I was blessed with free tickets to see my favorite hockey team. The blessing continued when I was able to get a ride to the game from a different friend. This was going to be a completely free game for me. Two of my favorite things in one swell foop: free and hockey!

We drove down with time to spare. As we approached our final freeway exchange Jesse’s car sputtered and stopped. We were able to get it going again and sputtered our way to the shoulder of the 101 freeway in Los Angeles. We were not going anywhere and we were just 4 miles from the Staples Center and our night of fun.

Of course, the frustration and disappointment set in quickly, but we both realized that getting mad and freaking out wouldn’t help anything at all. I decided to get out and walk around a bit. First thing I noticed on the asphalt was a penny. It was just sitting there, all lonely, waiting for someone to find it.

I’m not one for “lucky pennies”. Even though I was wearing the same unwashed LA Kings sweater I had been wearing every game in the current winning streak, I don’t really believe in luck. I do believe that if I find 99 more pennies that makes a dollar though.

We wound up watching the game on a cell phone in a tow truck as we got towed the 2.5 hours home. Life doesn’t always give me what I want or expect. But there are always opportunities to…

–Rise Up!!

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