People Hate My Wife…

Yeah, it sounds wrong, but I’ve got evidence. Let me back track a bit an explain. My wife left me…

OK, that’s not exactly right either; let me cut through the nonsense.

My daughter wanted to sent my wife and I back to visit the family in Tennessee for Christmas. I wasn’t able to be gone for as long as the trip was going to be, so I stayed home. So yes, Bev left me, but not like that…

Now that she’s gone, people are inviting me over to spend Christmas with them. No one was inviting the both of us over for the holidays, but now that it’s just me, they seem to want me to come over. They must love me and hate her…

Actually, it’s just an expression of love from my Forever Family. They don’t want me to be alone during the holidays. It is wonderful to know that they care about people, and it’s really wonderful to know that they care about someone like me. Doing the math, that means that people care about you too. The Holiday Blues are a real thing for many people, this year reach out and invite someone to be with you instead of being alone. If you are the person who’s feeling alone, reach out to someone. People want you to know love.

Before you open those gifts, give the gift of love and help someone to…

–Rise Up!!

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