That’s My Boy!

I spend a lot of time with my grandsons. Three are in the same town and one is in Hawaii, but we see each other online. I love them all. As they get older, they do more and more different things that make me proud. For one, it might be making a clever joke, another does an impressive report for a school assignment, another might make a nice play on the soccer field. The baby does a great job just laying there and being cute! The point is, even though they make mistakes, they all have different ways to impress Papa.

I am the same way with my Papa. I’ve certainly made my share of blunders and have, at times, resembled the fabled Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins, but I also do some things well. Papa God looks down on me and loves it all. When he sees me, he doesn’t shake his head and think “Oh no, not this guy again!” He smiles and says “That’s my boy!”

We are all God’s very favorite person on the planet ever. We are all His boy or girl. That’s what makes us able to…

–Rise Up!!

4 thoughts on “That’s My Boy!

  1. Thank you for the refreshing reminder that God isn’t some austere, far away, hard to reach character waiting to pounce on us or pay us back when we goof up…which is often. Instead he is constantly loving us and leading us, showing us a better way and a more peaceful walk.

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