Knock Knock…

We went to a play this weekend called Come From Away. It was a true story about the planes that were inbound for the US on the morning of the 9/11 attack. One of the wonderful themes that the play dealt with was the humanity shown by the Canadian hosts to their unexpected guests. At one point they illustrated the friendliness of the host families with a story:

The reason you can’t tell a knock knock joke to a Canadian? You say “Knock knock” and they say “Come on in, the door’s open!”

Friendliness is not really in style in the current world. Time killers like Facebook give people a platform to rant without accountability so, rants are all the rage…literally!

As we tear off the page on the calendar and begin the last month of the year we have a fantastic opportunity to end the year on a positive note. When the knock on the door comes, and it will come, you have several options. We can ask “Who’s there?” We can go all Eddie Murphy and take a more aggressive, Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood, approach and yell a hearty “Who is it?!?” But this year I hope we all show a little Canadian and just tell them to come on in.

It’s harder to get down when you…

–Rise Up!!

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