More food, more thanks

We made it through the Thanksgiving weekend and are now solidly in the Christmas Season it’s not even that fake, “way too early Walmart starts in July” kind of season, this is the real deal.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with a bunch of our family, both the Forever kind and the genetic kind. There was more food than we needed, but we also had more love and thanks than we could consume. We tried again on Friday at our CR Day After Thanksgiving Feast. It was all just too wonderful.

This time of year can be difficult. Several years ago my father passed away two days before Thanksgiving. It can bring a heaviness to the festivities, but when we set our eyes on the future; when we set our eyes on each other; when we set our eyes on Jesus we can all celebrate. Even when we are so full that the only thing we want to do is lay down, we get to…

–Rise Up!,

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