I went to a men’s retreat this weekend. I’m not typically a “men’s retreat” kind of guys, but they needed someone to play bass on the worship team, so I agreed to go.

As I was riding down the road with our Worship Pastor, Jason, I watched the vehicle ahead of us kick up a piece of debris. It did that whole slow motion thing as it got closer and closer to us. I eventually had enough data to determine that if the draft from our truck didn’t alter its flight, we were going to connect soon. No biggie though, it was just floating trash.

That was all great until it wasn’t. As it turns out, it was not floating plastic, but rather as pierce of something hard. Hard enough to break glass. Yup, bang, slam, pow. Next thing I knew Jason was staring at me with mouth agape asking if I was ok.

The side window that I was sitting next to had basically exploded on impact. I was covered in safety glass. It sounds much more dramatic than it really was. The only injury I got was a small scratch on my arm that I’m pretty sure happened as I removed the glass.

On the positive side, I found 27 cents that day. I also had the most amazing Glitter Jeans for a moment. My point is that there is always a bright side. You may need to search for a bit, but it’s there. Sometimes we sit, but we always need to…

–Rise Up!!

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