Blues Brothers

“We’re on a mission from God…”. That’s the famous line from Elwood Blues. This morning we are on a mission as well. Our grandson is a fourth grader in the state of California, so that means he’s doing a mission report. By random luck he was given a mission in the middle of nowhere. Since we took his brother to visit his mission, which was much closer, we were on the hook to drive to…you guessed it…the middle of nowhere! And we are not even Catholic.

What we are is family. That means that we don’t mind a road trip. Even though it’s to the middle of nowhere it’s not for nothing, it’s for family. We are on a mission from God. When family needs something, family does something. Whether it’s blood, or Forever Family or some snot-nosed kid who doesn’t even want to do a report, when family needs something, family does something.

When your #ForeverFamily needs something remember that you’re on a mission from a God. When the phone rings in the middle of the night, you answer it. When the person on the other end has had one too many, you keep talking. When someone is at the end of their rope, you grab another spool and when someone falls down, you help them…

–Rise Up!!

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