In this day in age, it is very likely that everyone who reads this has received a “robocall” at some point. A company or candidate pays a nominal fee and then a recorded message gets blasted out over the phone in our homes and pockets. To date I haven’t met a single person who likes those calls, yet they are happening with greater frequency.

Right before I started writing this I got a robocall. When they call, they use a technique called “spoofing” which makes it look as though the call is coming from a number that is not the actual number. This tricks people into answering a call that may originate in another country, or even on another continent, because it appears to be from a local phone prefix. Pretty sneaky. And it must work to an acceptable extent because they are pretty common throughout the day.

My robocaller this morning spoofed a number in my phone’s contact list. I was getting a call from myself!

The enemy does the same thing. He makes a call that is filled with lies and nonsense, all the while posing as someone that I should trust. Sadly, it is often easier to hang up on the robot than it is on that old liar.

Tomorrow is Election Day, so a lot of the robocall will end, but that other nameless guy doesn’t care about the calendar as much as he cares about robbing my soul. So today I will watch the incoming call numbers, tomorrow I will vote, and every day I will…

–Rise Up!!

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