I did everything I could think of. I ate a lucky hot dog every inning starting in the 7th. I put my hat inside out for a rally cap. I stood up when my team batted. I tried it all, and still I wound up watching a visiting team hoist a trophy and celebrate a championship on my team’s home field. It was not the way I had it drawn up in my head.

But is it ever the way we draw it up in our heads? Visions of grandeur abound, but reality of wears more tarnish than shine. So what do we do? Do we give up? Do we quit? Do we take our toys and go home?

Actually, yes, sometimes that’s exactly what I do. In the agony of the defeat, the easiest option is often the worst choice. So instead of burning all of my Dodgers gear in the yard, I watched some tv with my wife. (That, and I buried my misery in some carbs, but the main thing is that I didn’t quit!)

Getting down is easy. Only one team can win it all, the rest of us lick our wounds. My team got to play in the last game of they year two years in a row, so at least there’s that. For now, it’s golf for my Boy in Blue. Golf and figuring out how to…

–Rise Up!!

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