Dear Evan Hansen…

I went to the theater this weekend to see a play. Dear Evan Hansen won several Tony Awards last season and the national touring company is in LA for our first engagement of the season. I knew nothing about the play, other than there had been some buzz through the summer.

The play begins with the main character writing a letter to himself, just to get encouragement to push through his anxiety. No spoilers here, but the gist of the play reminded me a lot of things I’ve seen in recovery over the years. The main character gets caught in a misunderstanding and decides to just sort of run with the lie. As lies often do, it works for him at the beginning. It seems to make his life better and good things are being done because of the lie. But in the end, it a unravels.

It always unravels. The tempting part of the lie is that it really does make things better sometimes. But that joy and success rarely lasts. Reality is tenacious, and it will have its day.

I have no idea what this day will hold. Ok, that’s not true, I have a few guesses, but the day is almost always open to interpretation, no matter how well I’ve planned in advance. But I can try my best to push it in a direction.

Dear Paul Pippen, today is going to be a great day…don’t worry about the failures that may pop up because you can always…

–Rise Up!!

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