This weekend I took my wife to the CR Family BBQ. It was the first time our “area” has done one. I use the quotes, because we are an outlier of any CR area since we live in such a remote area. The BBQ started at 3:30 and I get out of the prison at 2:30. Since it’s an hour from the prison to beautiful Bakersfield I reasoned that this would be just about perfect: we’d be a tad late, but no problem. People in Recovery are notoriously late arrivers anyhow, right?!?

We pulled up about 20 minutes late and discovered an empty parking lot. Since the campus was so large I figured that I was on the wrong side of things. A quick check of the invite text showed me the problem: the BBQ started at noon and ended at 3:30! Nuts!

But rather than stew in and on our mistake we decided that it was now Date Night. We got pizza and boba tea. It was a great evening. Never stay down, even when you make a big blunder. Look around and…

–Rise Up!!

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