God’s Sport

It is difficult to know me and not know that I am a passionate fan of hockey. I love going to games in person and when I can’t be there, it’s a safe bet that I’ll be watching them on TV. This year is going to be tough though. Since I quit my paying job to do full time volunteer ministry I have “sacrificed” going to hockey games. When I got a call from my ticket rep at the #LAKings it was a sad conversation. I was down about it, but he helped me to #RiseUp for sure! His solution to my “problem” was to send me to a pre-season game for free.

Of course, I was excited. Hockey is hockey, even if it is pre-season, I’m down. But keep reading, because the story doesn’t end there. When we got to Staples Center we were told to meet Jesse at the VIP Entrance. You down with VIP? Yeah you know me! We were taken on a tour of the arena and got to see a lot of things that most people don’t even realized exists. I ran into 2 out of six players who have their numbers retired. I got to participate in a Q&A with one of my all time favorite Kings, Luc Robitaille (who my grandson Luc is named after). But wait, like a good infomercial, there’s more! After all of the pre-game festivities ended we headed to our seats. I was confused by the seat location. That’s because I have never sat in a luxury suite before. It gets better…. Can you say free food and drinks all night long?!? Pretty great night, but there’s still even more. Jesse asked if we would like to go into the tunnel to watch the team take the ice?

It’s easy to point out when things go poorly. It’s easy to focus on negative things. But sometimes things are just good, even when your team loses 3-0! There’s always a chance to get down in life, but there’s also always time to…

–Rise Up!!

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