Aren’t you…?

As I was serving in ministry at a local prison facility this weekend I passed by one of the guard desks. There’s nothing particularly new about that. What was strange was that he called me back.

“I’ll take a caramel macchiato, upside down…”

Wait, what?

He recognized me from Starbucks all those years ago. I chatted with him a bit, then went on my way.

I guess the reason I tell you this story is that I had no idea however many years ago that I would run into this guy again. But because I was true to what I was doing, I made an impression. He has no idea about my distant past, me just knew that I had served him well. It’s a great reminder to just let the past fade away, celebrate the now, and…

–Rise Up!!

4 thoughts on “Aren’t you…?

  1. It’s a small world that we live in. It is uncanny how we can cross paths with someone that we met or served from times past. I had a similar occurrence when I was stationed at Wiesbaden Airbase. I saw a person that I recognized from working with him at the same company in Miami, Florida.

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