All those years ago…

I was invited to dinner this week. It was to be a small dinner party with just six people. Sounded nice the date was set, the menu was set, we were all set. I look forward to meeting new people and one of the purposes of this dinner was that the hosts wanted the other two couple to be introduced. New people are always a welcome addition to my day. I say this because new people have a super power – they make all of my old, stale jokes brand new!

As the evening progressed my new friend said, “I remember you from Starbucks.” Now , it’s been over five years since I have worked at Starbucks. I asked how she remembered me and she said it was two things: the obvious one was the ever present bow tie; the second was my attitude. It made me feel good to know that I made a lasting impression on her. Sometimes I get down, but these little reminders help me to…

–Rise Up!!!

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