Wait, what?!?

We spent a wonderful week in the Upper Left Corner. It was fun to see family and friends, but like everything in life, our vacation eventually had to come to an end. We made a final trip to get donuts (at #PipsDonuts), said our goodbyes, and got on the airplane to make the trip home.

I have a habit of trying to plan ahead. This means I often have expectations into which I try to force my reality. I just knew that there would be stressful situations with timing. I knew that there would be frustrating “conversations” with my mom. I knew that there would be free soda on the plane. All of these expectations came to fruition. I also knew that the ride to the long term parking location would be a drag. Here’s where I got it wrong. As soon as I escaped the haze of smoke from everyone who had been jonesing on the plane and got on the van I heard familiar chords and lyrics. Our van driver was listening to Christian radio. It was a fantastic way to end our journey. He probably thought he was doing it for himself, but he was ministering to my wife and I as well. It is just like my God to let me sit down as I…

-Rise Up!!

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